Simplify Colombian Affiliation Verification with Verifik

In an era where digital data validation is crucial, Verifik stands as a leader in the tech industry. Specializing in biometrics and creating API endpoints that tap into authoritative databases, Verifik distinguishes itself from competitors by providing up-to-date and legitimate data sources. Our Colombian Affiliations Verification API is a testament to our commitment to precision and technological innovation.

Why Verifik Outshines Others

Verifik operates on a 'Pay as You Go' model, offering a cost-effective approach to data verification. Our clients pay an average of only 0.20 cents per result, making our services accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, we offer subscription plans (monthly or yearly) that further reduce the cost per use for our regular clients.

New users are welcomed with a $10 USD credit when they create a new account and follow our promotional guidelines. This credit allows them to explore our extensive range of endpoints quickly and efficiently, finding the best fit for their business needs.

Unveiling the Colombian Affiliations Verification API

Our Colombian Affiliations Verification API, accessible at Verifik API, offers an invaluable tool for verifying various personal and professional affiliations in Colombia. This API allows users to confirm details such as EPS (health insurance), ARL (work risk insurance), pension funds, and more by inputting relevant information.

This API is essential for organizations conducting background checks, verifying employee details, or any entity needing to authenticate personal affiliations in Colombia.

Seamless Integration and Operation

Verifik guarantees easy integration and operation of its APIs. We provide clients with a JSON Web Token for secure, hassle-free authentication. Here’s an example of how to integrate and use the API using Node.js:

import axios from 'axios';

const options = {
  method: 'GET',
  url: '',
  headers: {
    Accept: 'application/json',
    Authorization: 'jwt YourTokenHere'

try {
  const { data } = await axios.request(options);
} catch (error) {

What to Expect: Sample API Response

The API provides detailed responses in a user-friendly JSON format. Here's an example:

  "data": {
    "informacionPersonal": {
      "documentoIdentidad": "CC 123456789",
      "primerNombre": "MATEO",
      "primerApellido": "VERIFIK",
    "eps": {
      "eps": "FAMISANAR E.P.S.",
      "estadoAfiliacion": "Activo",
  "signature": {
    "dateTime": "August 30, 2022 2:49 PM",
    "message": "Certified by"

Take Your Next Step with Verifik

Join the forefront of affiliation verification in Colombia with Verifik. Create your account today at Verifik and start utilizing the advanced capabilities of our Colombian Affiliations Verification API. Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of our data validation services.

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