Easily Check Vehicle Data in Brazil Using Verifik's API

In the rapidly evolving digital age, the need for accurate and fast data validation is more crucial than ever. This is where Verifik, a leading tech company specializing in biometrics and data validation, stands out. With a focus on providing robust API endpoints for extracting information from legitimate, up-to-date sources such as government databases, Verifik distinguishes itself from competitors.

Why Verifik Is Your Go-To for Data Validation

Verifik’s state-of-the-art approach to data validation, particularly in the realm of vehicle verification, sets it apart. Unlike other companies, Verifik offers a unique "Pay as You Go" model. Each result costs a mere 0.20 cents on average. For those seeking more extensive services, Verifik's subscription plans (monthly or yearly) offer a cost-effective solution, reducing individual costs for committed clients.

New clients are welcomed with a $10 USD credit upon creating an account and following promotional guidelines. This initial credit allows users to explore a vast array of endpoints, making an informed decision on which best serves their business needs.

Spotlight on the Brazilian Vehicle Verification API

The highlight of Verifik's services is the Brazilian Vehicle Verification API, accessible at Verifik API. This API is a game-changer for industries relying on accurate Brazilian vehicle information. By simply providing a vehicle's license plate number, users receive comprehensive data, including brand, model, year of manufacture, engine specifications, and more.

This API is invaluable for car dealerships, insurance companies, and individuals needing to authenticate Brazilian vehicle details.

Easy Integration and Use Verifik prioritizes ease of use and integration. To authenticate and use the API, a JSON Web Token is provided, handling all transactions seamlessly. Here’s a glimpse of how simple it is to integrate this API using Node.js:

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const axios = require('axios').default;

const options = {
  method: 'GET',
  url: 'https://api.verifik.co/v2/br/vehicle',
  headers: {Accept: 'application/json', Authorization: 'Bearer YourTokenHere'}

try {
  const { data } = await axios.request(options);
} catch (error) {

What You Get The response from the API is detailed and formatted in JSON for ease of interpretation. Here's an example of the response you can expect:

  "value": {
    "data": {
      "bodyType": "Sedan",
      "brand": "TOYOTA",
      "chassis": "12345678987654321",
      "color": "PRETA",
      "country": "Brasil",
         "denatranWarning": "",
      "doors": 4,
      "engine": "1.8 16V VVT-i",
      "factory": "Indaiatuba - SP",
      "fipeCodes": [
      "fuelType": "Flexivel Alcool/Gasolina",
      "irregularitiesCount": 0,
      "irregularityCode": "",
      "manufacturer": "TOYOTA",
      "model": "Corolla XLi 1.8 16V VVT-i Flex 4P",
      "modelYear": 2011,
      "plate": "ABC1D345",
      "transmission": "",
      "vehicle": "Corolla",
      "version": "XLi",
      "yearOfManufacture": 2010
    "signature": {
      "dateTime": "April 3, 2023 2:21 PM",
      "message": "Certified by Verifik.co"

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